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Belgium reassesses river flows after deadly floods

Experts in hydrology and river flows are now warning that major research must be conducted in order to know exactly how to rebuild the towns destroyed by the floods. #BrusselsBureau

UK and France agree deal to tackle rise in Channel crossings

France will double the number of police patrolling beaches, as record numbers cross the Channel.

EU plans to make Bitcoin transfers more traceable

Companies handling crypto-assets would have to collect customer details.

UK sets collision course with EU under plans to redraw Brexit deal

Frost to outline strategy eliminating most checks on Irish Sea trade while threatening to suspend protocol

In pictures: Germany grapples with flood havoc

A massive clean-up is under way, but Germany's flood damage won't be fixed for many months.

EU threatens fines against Poland over judiciary ruling

Warsaw could face financial penalties for disregarding a ruling by the EU top court, which ruled that Poland's judicial reform incompatible with the law. "EU law has primacy over national law," the Commission said.

US signals it is nearing deal with Germany on Nord Stream 2

US official cites ‘progress’ towards resolving dispute and ensuring ‘Russia cannot weaponise energy flows’

Beta coronavirus variant: What is the risk?

There are fears that this version of coronavirus, first identified in South Africa, is

Can Europe escape Gazprom's energy stranglehold?

When it comes to gas supplies to the EU, Russia's state-owned corporation steps on the brakes. Is Russia building up political pressure in order to push through the operation of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline?

Kyiv hopes for more as Zelenskyy meets Merkel

With time winding down on Angela Merkel's chancellorship, she will meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and face his expectations of Germany. The two have never had an easy relationship.

Covid: France rolls out health pass as cases soar

From Wednesday people will need proof of vaccination or a negative test to access some public places.

Norway's beach handball team fined for wearing shorts instead of bikini bottoms

Beach Handball’s rules stipulate that female players must wear tops and bikini bottoms. Men wear tank tops and shorts.

Anthony Joshua v Oleksandr Usyk confirmed for Tottenham on 25 September

Anthony Joshua will defend his world heavyweight titles against Oleksandr Usyk at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on 25 September.

Pegasus: French President Macron identified as spyware target

The president's phone number was found on a list of numbers that were potential phone hacking targets.

Journalist Maria Ressa: 'We're Losing the Battle for Our Rights' in Philippines

Co-founder of the Philippines' media site Rappler says online disinformation and hate is putting Philippines' democracy at risk

Germany observes anniversary of Hitler's assassination attempt

Political figures remembered the failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler by a German army officer. Officials warned of concerning modern parallels with the anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown movements at the ceremony.

Germans want political continuity in post-Merkel era

In less than 100 days, Germans will go to the polls to vote for a new parliament. The latest opinion polls show that the coronavirus pandemic is overshadowing all other concerns.

Sinzig floods: Did authorities fail residents?

Did German authorities do enough to warn locals and move them to safety ahead of last week's devastating floods? DW speaks to residents in Sinzig, one of the towns hardest-hit by flooding.

France to investigate alleged spying attempt by Morocco

Macron’s number was on list as potential target using NSO Group’s technology

EU stance on talks for relationship with Gibraltar provokes UK anger

Raab says draft Brussels mandate undermines sovereignty and flies in face of terms agreed with Spain and territory

Climate change, migration: How Merkel’s successors measure up

Merkel is leaving office after 16 years. One of three candidates could succeed her. DW analyzed: What do they talk about in parliament? How do they vote? And what does that mean for their potential chancellorship?

‘Forceful for longer’: Investors bet ECB bond buying is here to stay

Central bank’s new inflation target sets stage for lengthier period of loose monetary policy

Belgium reels from deadly floods

National day celebrations spark controversy among firefighters

French app Yuka brings people power to the supermarket aisle 

Start-up that grades products’ nutritional value and environmental impact has upset charcuterie makers

Semiconductors: Europe’s expensive plan to reach the top tier of chipmakers

The EU wants to enhance ‘strategic autonomy’ in a sector facing shortages but the risk is that is squanders public money

Brexit: UK to warn it could override Northern Ireland Protocol

The Brexit minister says the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol is unsustainable.

The EU declares war on money laundering

Huge sums of money of illegal origin are channeled into the regular economy every year. The EU has now prepared a comprehensive reform in order to crack down on money laundering. Bernd Riegert reports from Brussels.

Soldier statue reignites Spanish row over fascism

Spain's legionnaires symbolised fascism, but Madrid may soon have a statue honouring them.

ECB vows to persist with negative rates in bid to fuel inflation

Central bank holds first meeting since policy review changed strategy to become more tolerant of price growth

Bundesbank hawk adapts his strategy

Pandemic and climate change have shifted Jens Weidmann’s red lines

Boris Johnson has made a Brexit offer the EU can only refuse

The UK’s latest proposals for the Northern Ireland protocol are an attempt to tear up an international treaty

Euro 2020: Racism rears its ugly head — again

To add insult to England's injury of losing the final, a number of Black England players have been subjected to racial slurs. Condemnation has been swift, but will it lead anywhere?

Coronavirus: Germany declares Spain a COVID risk area

Travelers entering Germany from Spain will need to present a negative test to avoid quarantine. The move comes amid a surge in COVID-19 cases in Spain.

Norway mourns victims of worst-ever terror attack ten years on

The bomb and shooting attacks by a far-right extremist have been described as the Nordic country*s worst peacetime violence. Later on Thursday, Norwegians will come to a standstill to remember those who died.

German spy chief warns of Islamic State's strength

The head of Germany's foreign intelligence agency has warned that the Islamic State is just as strong as it ever was — even without its caliphate. Terrorism experts agree that it has morphed into a powerful network.

Channel crossings: Hundreds more migrants cross to UK

The government said a surge in illegal migration across Europe had seen a rise in crossings.

Russia raises rates by 1 percentage point to combat persistent inflation

Fourth successive increase as price growth hits fastest pace for nearly 5 years

Tokyo Olympics: Extreme heat & humidity at Games as Russian archer faints

A Russian archer faints during Olympic qualifying as intense heat in Tokyo is in the spotlight just hours before the Games officially open.

Jadon Sancho: England winger completes £73m move to Manchester United from Borussia Dortmund

England winger Jadon Sancho completes his £73m move to Manchester United from Borussia Dortmund.

Russia: Summer means cold showers

Every summer, Russian households have to do without hot water. For up to three weeks, everyone has to take cold showers — even in the ultramodern city of Moscow, writes DW's Yuri Rescheto.

Tokyo Olympics - what to look out for

With the opening ceremony set for Friday, BBC Sport previews the Tokyo 2020 Olympics - a Games like no other.

EU proposes sweeping 'Fit for 55' emissions reduction plan

Brussels has outlined its plan to reach a 55% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 on 1990 levels. The overarching goal is to make the EU carbon neutral by 2050 as part of the European Green Deal.

Covid: Moderna jab approved for teenagers in EU

Vaccination with Moderna's jab can now be extended to adolescents, the EU medicines watchdog says.

Why do German politicians so often stumble over Ph.D. plagiarism allegations?

Yet another German politician has resigned over allegedly plagiarizing their doctoral thesis. Who catches them out, and why is this a big deal in Germany?

Eurozone businesses expand at fastest rate in 21 years

UK slows as rising infections and a shortages of workers hit growth

Kaseya Gets Master Decryption Key After July 4 Global Attack

Kaseya spokeswoman Dana Liedholm would not say Thursday how the key was obtained or whether a ransom was paid

Tips from the Netherlands on how to build a nation of cyclists

Some tips from the Dutch Cycling Embassy on how to make bikes the easiest and safest way to travel.

Has Angela Merkel lived up to her 'climate chancellor' aspirations?

As Angela Merkel prepares to leave office, she leaves behind a mixed legacy in terms of climate policy.

Covid infections around the UK continue to rise

Cases continue to increase, with more rises possible once the impact of easing restrictions kicks in.

Covid-hit UK aviation industry held back by Brexit red tape

New requirements have taken a toll on smaller passenger and cargo carriers

The EU and North Macedonia: More 'trauma' before membership?

There is "no alternative" to EU membership for North Macedonia, PM Zoran Zaev tells DW's Conflict Zone. But after 16 years of waiting and "too much trauma," can Skopje overcome the hurdles it faces to join the bloc?

Germany’s €18bn real estate merger falls apart as investors balk

Vonovia falls short of support for takeover of residential landlord Deutsche Wohnen

For NYC Artist, There's No Trash, Only Treasure For Art

Carol Bastien draws artistic inspiration from the discarded items she collects on the streets of New York City.

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