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Parisians Savor More Than the Coffee as Cafes Reopen

With no service inside, and tables on terraces spaced at a safe distance, the French came back together, while remaining apart. Reported by NYTimes

US takes aim at digital services taxes in UK and Europe

Trump administration expands probe that led to tariff threat against France last year Reported by FT

Poorer countries need long-term economic help

International support has staved off a financial crisis, but should go much further Reported by FT

Coronavirus in Sweden: Anguished foreigners call it quits

Sweden has left residents to decide for themselves how to behave in the COVID-19 pandemic. That's outraged some foreign residents, who now plan to move away from the country as soon as they can. Reported by Deutsche Welle

The EU rises to meet the Covid-19 crisis

A radical plan from Germany and France transforms Europe’s possibilities Reported by FT

Far-right AfD pushes German state to publish list of ‘dangerous areas’

Germany’s biggest state has listed 44 so-called ‘danger’ areas, mostly in minority neighborhoods, following a request from the AfD. The nationalist party has repeatedly used such information to target immigrant areas. Reported by Deutsche Welle

Small-caps: V for victory

The party will soon be over once governments start to reduce support for households Reported by FT

Berlin builds dozens of new refugee homes — despite falling numbers

Germany's capital has approved plans to build new refugee homes as coronavirus and housing shortage bite. Some refugee homes are struggling to maintain hygiene guidelines. Reported by Deutsche Welle

Germany's top diplomat: George Floyd protests 'legitimate,' urges press freedom

Foreign Minister Maas hopes peaceful protests against police brutality in the US will make a difference. He also said he would contact US officials to support a DW journalist kept from freely reporting in Minnesota. Reported by Deutsche Welle

Adolf Hitler house to be 'neutralised', Austria says

The government unveils plans to turn Adolf Hitler's birthplace into a police station. Reported by BBC News

US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell resigns

After weeks of speculation, Richard Grenell has officially stepped down form his post as the US ambassador to Germany. A staunch ally of President Trump, Grenell was known for his combative diplomatic style in Germany. Reported by Deutsche Welle

EU's Foreign Policy Chief calls George Floyd death an 'abuse of power'

EU's Foreign Policy Chief calls George Floyd death an 'abuse of power' Reported by euronews

Sánchez set to extend Spain’s state of alert after deal with centrists

Ciudadanos gives PM support as country prepares for next stage of transition to ‘new normal’ Reported by FT

French cafés reopen: ‘We are alive again’

Customers take first taste of normal life in weeks, but recovery will be slow Reported by FT

At Drive-in Disco, It ‘Feels like Saturday Again,’ Even Without a Dance Floor

To stop the spread of the coronavirus, nightclubs are still shuttered as Europe emerges from a lockdown. But one German club has found another way to host a party. Honk if you’re having a good time. Reported by NYTimes

For the first time since March, Spain records no new daily coronavirus deaths

Spain has reported no deaths in a 24-hour period from the coronavirus for the first time in three months. Reported by SBS

Your Tuesday Briefing

George Floyd, Donald Trump, Hong Kong: Here’s what you need to know. Reported by NYTimes

Coronavirus: Ministers 'looking at ways to relax travel quarantine rule'

It comes after some MPs criticised the government's plan to quarantine people coming to the UK for 14 days. Reported by BBC News

Central Europe fears effects of German slowdown

Supply chains intertwined with fortunes of continent’s biggest economy suffer Reported by FT

A uniquely French affair: billionaires and back scratching

Are there bigger things at play in keeping media group Lagardère in the family’s control? Reported by FT

How Europe's art world is welcoming back visitors

Some of Europe's best known art museums are reopening but it will be far from business as usual. Reported by BBC News

No evidence of coronavirus losing potency, WHO and other experts say

Health experts have questioned reports from a senior Italian doctor that the coronavirus causing the COVID-19 pandemic has been losing potency. Reported by SBS

Coronavirus: Is Putin's relaxing of restrictions for political gain?

Russia's coronavirus infection rate is one of the highest but tight restrictions are beginning to be lifted. Reported by BBC News

Russia and Turkey risk turning Libya into another Syria

Gen Haftar's forces have been beaten back from Tripoli but that does not mean peace is at hand. Reported by BBC News

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